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Map Key

I had to use the different colors, because our incredibly direct line of travel intersected itself so often. For those of you wanting to figure out what order these all go in, here's the key.

1) Blue "Initial Westward Push": Springfield to Vegas
2) Red "Back Tracking East": Vegas to Albuquerque
3) Green "West Again!": Albuquerque to Santa Rosa to Joshua Tree (second time in Josh)
4) Purple "Gone North" (and back south): Joshua Tree (second time) to Portland, and back down to Yosemite

Where are we now? Yosemite!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Full Circle

for the first time in ages, the rocky mountains were breath taking.
the journey home took me through the places i came to love as amanda and i traveled together, but also through the places i was most familiar with. for a long time, driving through the rockies is just what you do after visiting with marko- they became part of the 6 hour drive to moab, nothing more. but yesterday, when i saw the sharp jagged peaks of the huge mountain range, i couldn't help but smile. it was beautiful and i had forgotten.
i feel like my eyes are open again and are absorbing all the small details of the beauty that surrounds me each day.
so- i leave this segment of the journey only to begin a new one. amanda and i have finished traveling together, but (as amanda already mentioned) we have not quite finished the ceremony. it is a process that we will hopefully never complete. it is a process of change and movement and learning and teaching. it is constant. it is life.
amanda came on the trip looking for change and that is how the trip has ended for me. i didn't know what i was looking for when i started the trip. i just wanted to go on the road for the sake of being on the road, but it has turned out to be much more than that. now, being home, i realize i am not the same person i was when we left and that makes me happy. i feel at peace- like i am one step closer to the place where i am suppose to be.
my journey continues and as i come to a new fork in my path, i embrace it with the excitement of the unknown. life is good.
happy travels.

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